by Seven Heads

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released November 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Seven Heads Sweden

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Sonny - Bass
Emil - Vocals
Jonathan - Guitar
Tomas - Drums

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Track Name: Never To Be
Haunted, chased for theft
Took another brick from the tower called death
Being eaten by hollow men
Crawling, slowly, succumbing

Fears from past creating
Now lucid present
Seize, existens

No, nothing, will let me
drown in this sea, of, self-loathing
Follow the ghost, the ghost, of self
walking trough fire, walking trough men,
Fire Walk with me
Follow, the, shepard,
The false, shepard of hope, leading astray
Tough nothing can be found, perish
Open the skies

Everything vanishes,
Nothing have been lost
Track Name: Patterns, Closure
All, a dream
visions, a part of me
Coherent reality
Thougts trying to find home

Dreaming, false perceptions
My mind, going trough endless loopholes oblirating all control
Whats left, is nothing more then distorted thoughts
Track Name: With Blood Up Our Knees, Sympathy For All, We Fall
Something other
Keeping me awake while far away lives
Momentery hopelesness
clinging to fear
Holding up, our selfish needs
No sympathy, even tough
Sharing same bullshit ideals
Justifeing , slaughter

Enduring lifetime abuse, errors undone
No matter who, in the eye of all, imperfections
values based on the mind, of old
Racists, murderers, misogynists
Track Name: Velleity
Cold and, longing for arms, to hold my head, since long
forgotten, feelings of affection.
These sensations, just hidden deceptions
Hollow as my brethren, my surroundings, decay, decay

Drowning in guilt my armor is, broken apart
The fool am I, giving more then gained, exhausted and poisoned

Cynicism is all thats left, a familiar friend since the days of youth
A leech, eating the will to live, the same repeating cycle of dreary thoughts
Embrace me, let me drown